Is everyone a great singer in the shower?

Is everyone a great singer in the shower?

We think an important part of starting off the day organized, is to start out the day enjoying what’s ahead of you!   Hopefully, you start your day out with a quick shower… and, everyone is a great singer in the shower, right?  Maybe with this favorite product of ours.  We suggest you use the Sangean Waterproof Radio to get you up and moving (and singing) in the morning.  It may not help you enjoy a cup of coffee, but it will allow you to enjoy the morning news or favorite tunes while you are taking a shower!

And, we love versatility!!  You can take the Sangean Radio in the kitchen, the garden, to the beach, a fishing trip or dancing in the rain without worring about the water or getting damaged from sand.  It is easy to AM/FM control, impervious to any environment, it’s portable and has other features like:  Bluetooth connection, flashlight, battery level indicator, clock and an emergency buzzer.

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Kathy Jenkins is a nationally recognized certified organizer, speaker and writer.  She is the founder of Come To Order and especially enjoys working with families to help them learn good organizational skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.  For more tips on reducing stress in your schedule, life and home, follow Kathy on Twitter.

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