Get a Personal Trainer for Parenting!

Happy FamilyParenting doesn’t come with a handbook, but that doesn’t mean there’s no support out there for you. Try a parenting coach! Athletes have personal trainers to help them reach their peak performance, business-owners can use coaches to help them focus and stay on course, and yes, parents can enjoy the help of a parenting expert to help you become a parenting pro yourself.

Parenting coaches are trained to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and “improve your game,” so to speak. They won’t tell you how to raise your children, but they will suggest proven strategies for handling certain situations. Parent coaches work with families to create plans that set limits, reduce power struggles, and most importantly, help family members stay connected with each other.

Parenting coaches are for those who want to be great parents but recognize they need a little guidance along the way. When you work with a coach, you’ll be well-prepared to handle life’s challenges, from that toddler who refuses to sleep in his own bed, to that teen who just knows she is way smarter than mom and dad. Parents will have more confidence in their skills and enjoy a household with less stress.

Kathy is a facilitator and parent coach who teaches the principles of Love and Logic, a philosophy that helps parents raise responsible kids. This proven system helps you put the fun back into raising kids. No more arguing, nagging, or empty threats. Power struggles become a thing of the past! Kids learn to respect you (and other adults), be responsible for their own actions, and solve their own problems. For more about Love and Logic parenting, visit our website or call Kathy at 804-550-9428.

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