Juggling it all: How to handle getting everything organized!

Juggling it all: How to handle getting everything organized!

Does life seem to fly by?  Days turn into weeks and although you flow through somewhat smoothly, you find yourself not organized, forgetting, neglecting and procrastinating?  When life hits rough patches, we need the structure of planning and routine to keep us on track.  Structure doesn’t mean you can’t be creative or flexible, but it reassures you that if life’s details are taken care of, you will have more liberty to dedicate time to the things you’d like to do.  So, how do you keep your life from becoming a juggling act?

Let’s take something like checking the mail or making your bed for example, something you do on a daily basis.  Start there.  Don’t try to make these small things to complicated or perfect, save that energy for other things.  Once these become habits life will already seem simpler.

It takes 21 days to create a habit, so set reminders on your phone or calendar. To get organized, try one thing at a time.  If you aren’t accomplishing it and are not organized, don’t give up.  Try getting it done another way like changing the time or how fast you are trying to get it done.  Once you find a way to be consistent about the simple things, you are ready to add another small thing and before you know it, you’ll be organizing a sane and productive day…. it won’t feel like you are juggling at all.



Try to get the whole family to join in!

Work on one task daily together!!

Resource:  Dana Rayburn, “ADD Success Newsletter”

Kathy Jenkins is the President of Come To Order, a Certified Professional Organizer®, Student Organizer, Certified Family Manager Coach, Writer and Speaker based in Richmond, Virginia. She is a member of NAPO and ICD and is dedicated to helping her clients simplify their lives by reducing clutter, organizing their homes and offices, and managing their time. Kathy especially enjoys working with kids and their families to help them learn good organizational skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.  Follow Kathy on Facebook

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