Jump Start Your Journey for Personal Growth – Part 1

small_3370498053Recognizing that you are not where you want to be is a starting point to begin changing your life.”
― Deborah Day

Sometimes it’s easy to get too comfortable with life, to go with the flow of daily activities and accept your routine as the way it’s supposed to be, the life you were meant to live. Yes, it might be a little boring, but it feels safe and you’re happy…or so you want to believe.

However, I’m willing to bet that you know that you can do more, that life was meant to be more exciting than this. In other words, you have room to grow!

Personal growth, just like becoming organized, is about making a continuous effort to learn about yourself, be more aware of what you really want out of life, and develop the skills you need to help you get there. It’s the discovery of your true values, beliefs, and desires, and then putting a plan in place to honor and accomplish them.

So if you feel stuck in a rut, bogged down by a busy schedule or too much stuff, maybe it’s time to find new ways to grow. After all, it only takes is a small step in the right direction to gain the momentum you need to do big things. Here are six ways to jump start your personal growth:

1.  Take bold risks. How many times have you thought about doing something big, really big? Maybe you’ve considered quitting your job and starting your own business, or going back to school to finish a degree or simplifying your life. Dreaming is good, but it’s not enough. You must take action. Conditions will never be perfect, so don’t waste time waiting for all the stars to align. Take the initiative to brighten your own little part of the sky.

2. Try something new. The only way to know if you have a talent for something is to experiment. Take an art class at your local community college. Join a book club or a Bible study group. Find a partner and take up running or Jazzercise. The possibilities are endless, and the chances of you discovering a new passion are many. You just might surprise yourself.

3. Don’t be afraid to fail.  Few obstacles limit your ability to grow more than fear of failure. Realize that you’re not perfect and that the mistakes you make along the way are simply opportunities to learn and grow. Remember, this isn’t a competition where failure means you’ve lost the game; life is a journey to be the best you can be, and it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get there as long as you keep trying…and learning…and growing. Along with not being afraid to fail is not being afraid to ask for help. I have said many times “we all come to the table with different gifts”. Share yours and don’t hesitate to ask someone to share theirs with you!

Check in tomorrow for part 2 of this article and discover 3 more ways to grow!

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc

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