When Kids Say, “I’m Stupid”

Do you remember the expression “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”?  Boy, it is true that sticks and stones can hurt, but words can hurt too!  Especially the words we sometimes believe about ourselves or words that our children think about themselves. mother and daughter  on the grass

Have you ever heard your child say, “I’m stupid”?  It is heartbreaking, for you and them.  So, how do you respond?

You could focus on all the things you see that they are good at like art, baseball, etc.  However, even well-meaning, spending too much time and energy addressing it could actually lend authority to your child’s “I’m stupid” remark.

I suggest you consider responding with a small remark that avoids inadvertently supporting your child’s self-critical feelings.  Say something like, “Well, aren’t you glad I don’t believe that!?”  Smile, pat your child on the back and leave them with a thought that will build a new belief system about themselves.

photo credit: MyTudut via photopin cc

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