MOS:  My New Desk Buddy

MOS: My New Desk Buddy

From the moment I received my MOS in the mail and opened the box, I loved the simple & sleek design!   This little devise is so elegant that I can actually keep it in plain view, rather than trying to hide it away!


What is a MOS you ask?  MOS stands for Magnet Organization System… it’s a magnetic based cable organizer station!  It keeps track of all of my frequently used cables from my laptop like my iPhone, printer, camera and scanner cables.  I love that all of my office cables are not spaghetti in a drawer or hiding behind my desk!

Although I could keep the MOS on a wall, I have found that I like my MOS beside my laptop on my desk.  It is so convenient for the cables and cords that I plug in and take out numerous times throughout a workday.  When my cables are not plugged into my laptop, I can lay them across the MOS knowing that all the cords are hanging off the back of desk and I can leave my desk without worrying about them tangling, falling or getting lost.

I have to say, the applications of the MOS go beyond my office desk and my computer.  I can envision a MOS being landing pad for all electronics in a home for:  cords, ear buds, power cords, laptop, tablet, appliances and more!  Everything can be stored in one place, attached to the MOS, making it easy and convenient to use and leave neatly organized!


For more information, visit MOS.

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