Be your own professional organizer… at work.

Be your own professional organizer… at work.


This three-day intensive training consists of 24 hours of curriculum. You will leave with the skills and tools you need to become an in-house professional organizer. Learn the keys to successful management of people, space, systems, paper/electronic files and time. Discover how to become more efficient, resulting in increased productivity.

Are you thinking about using this class for NAPO credit?

For each course, the candidate may claim the actual hours attended, to a cumulative total of 250 hours. Sixty minutes of coursework is equal to one credit hour regardless of any number of continuing education credits (CEUs) another institution may have awarded for completion of the course.


Organizing for Administrative Assistants

October 6, 2014 – October 8, 2014.  8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

University of Richmond – SPCS

CRN: ORG115.08

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Nationally recognized certified organizer, speaker and author, Kathy Jenkins is dedicated to helping her clients simplify their lives by reducing clutter, organizing their homes and offices, and managing their time. She is the President of Come To Order, a professional residential organizing company based in Richmond, Virginia. For more tips, click here to follow Kathy on Facebook.

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