Organizing Your Entryway

CTO-Entry-Way I want you to try something… walk through your front door like it is the first time you are stepping into your home.  What is your impression?  Is your home open and inviting?  Does being in your entryway or foyer make you feel like receiving (or giving) a warm handshake or welcoming hug? Because you pass through this space in your home several times each day, your clutter may have become “invisible” to you or maybe you notice it, but just don’t know what to do!  Here are a few tips to help you unclutter your walkway, closet and entry way.

  1. Start the uncluttering process by marking a box “Returns/Errands”.  Collect all the items in the entry space that belong somewhere else like library books, clothes that need to go to the dry cleaner or a bag that needs to be returned to the store.  Put the box in your car and plan time to go to the library, dry cleaner or Target.
  2. Do the same thing for things that belong in another room of the house. Mark the box “Another Room” and when you are finished decluttering, take those things where they belong.
  3. Now that you have started decluttering your space, what is left?  Is there anything you need to throw out or give away?  Eliminate anything that doesn’t need a home in the space and then you are ready to continue finding homes for the things you need in an entry space…
  4. To eliminate wasted time searching for shoes when you are ready to go, place a shoe rack by the front door or in the hall closet. Containing your shoes will also keep your carpet cleaner.  If it is winter, I suggest setting out a mat or boot tray  for wet shoes or boots.
  5. If you have a closet, the door is prime real estate for mittens and gloves!  Attach a hanging shoe bag with clear plastic pockets from a rod or the back of the closet’s door.  At the end of the winter season, you can simply take down the bag, was the contest and store it with the out-of-season coats and clothing!  Scarves and hat can be stored in the hanging bag to, or kept hanging with coordinating coats.
  6. Create a “launch pad” by providing cute “in boxes” for every member of the family. This can be used to collect papers and other small items from backpacks and bags. Be sure to label them and create a routine to review what is in their everyday.
  7. Beside the front door is the perfect spot for an umbrella stand, standing coat rack, hook or peg to store your coats and umbrellas.
  8. Inside your entryway, install a double coat hook for each member of the family to accommodate one backpack or bag and one jacket (adjust appropriate heights for each child).
  9. As soon as you walk in the door, get in the habit of hanging your keys on a hook, or decorative key hanger by the front door.  If you have a small table, a basket will work well for keys and other small items that come and go when you do.
  10. If you have room, keep a donate box, bin or hamper in the hallway closet.  This will give you a place to put things you no longer want or need but that could be useful to someone else. Make sure to create a routine for getting those things donated – like the first Friday of every month.

If you have the luxury of having a mudroom entrance and a more formal entryway, try to use the mudroom as your daily access to your home.  Keeping your formal entryway clutter-free and neat will be a great peace of mind…. and a wonderful first impression. For more tips and ideas to organize your entryway, visit Come To Order on Pinterest!!

Kathy Jenkins is the President of Come To Order, a professional residential organizing company based in Richmond, Virginia. She is a nationally recognized certified organizer, speaker and author dedicated to helping her clients simplify their lives by reducing clutter, organizing their homes and offices, and managing their time. Click here to follow Kathy on Twitter.


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