Organizing Tips to Prevent Losing a Child

Every parent has experienced a brief, terrifying moment when their stomach drops… “Where is my child?” As short-lived as that moment may have lasted, it makes you wonder, what if? As the holidays approach and vacations are underway, grocery stores are busy and malls become chaotic. Losing a child is a parent’s worst nightmare and it’s always best to be prepared.

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Before you go anywhere, have a plan if someone gets separated from the family. When you arrive at your destination, choose a memorable and safe place to meet if someone gets lost. Tell children to find a security officer, police officer, an employee in uniform or another mom with kids to help.

Be sure children can identify themselves and also know both parent’s real names. If they are younger, consider ID bracelets or having emergency contact information stored in a pocket. Make children aware of “stranger danger” and to run and yell for help if they feel scared.

When taking the kids to a crowded place, like an amusement park or stadium – use your phone or digital camera to take a quick photo of the kids before you enter. Should you become separated, you can refer to the photo to see what your child is wearing that day and your photo will be up-to-date to show to a park employee who can help locate your child.

During the holiday season when many events, programs and parties occur at night, add glowing bracelets or accessories to your child to make them easier to locate. You can often find packages of glow sticks in the “Dollar” section at Target or Michael’s for an inexpensive way to help identify your child, and it’s fun for the kids to wear the colors as well!

It’s important to have a basic and simple plan in case of an emergency. Not only will it help you as a parent feel more relaxed in knowing there is a lost plan in place, but it also makes children more confident and prepared as well!

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  1. This idea may seem odd (or brilliant – depending on your view of privacy) but there are now economical ways to track your child with smartphone apps. From the obvious ‘find my phone’ feature of iPhone to more advanced GPS tracking that keys off of a locket or bracelet, using technology to find a lost kid is quite easy now.

    • Thanks Emily for sharing some other great ideas. Honestly I bet it won’t be long before someone tries to leverage the chip technology they use to identify lost pets. That seems so over-the-top and invasive until… it is your child it saves.

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