Smart Money Moves

Smart Money Moves

In these economic time, do you wish you saved piggy bankmore money?  It seems like such a good idea, but it isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do all the time.  Here are a couple ways to watch the little ways you spend:

  • Use one credit card that has low-interest that offers points for other purchases, air miles or even cash back.
  • Keep your receipts in case you need to return anything. Store them with the item so that you don’t waste time searching.
  • Before you buy something, consider how many hours you will need to work to pay for it.  If you earn $20 an hour and an item costs $160, ask yourself if eight hours of work is work the purchase.
  • Before you buy something, ask yourself a couple of questions:
    • Do I really need it or can I make do with what I already have?
    • How often will I use it and will it last long?
    • Who much space will it take up and do I have it?
    • Does the quality meet my standards and is the price right?
    • Is there information that will help me make a decision?
    • Will buying this really make a difference in my home?

It has become the norm to want the latest and greatest, and to be drawn in by the lovely vignettes that make us believe if we just get that pillow, vase or throw our home will look like something out of the pages of “House Beautiful”. Resist the urge! Saving money begins with thoughtful buying… so get thinking and saving!

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photo credit: 401(K) 2013 via photopin cc

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