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A New Space:  Closet and Laundry Systems


Oct 2014

A New Space: Closet and Laundry Systems

For this Come To Order Client, not having a set system for laundry helped lead to a busy closet. But, after spending the day with Kathy Jenkins, now her closet is organized and easy to navigate and a new system for sorting laundry is also helping to keep the space maintained! We love sharing our before and after stories with you.  To see more, visit us on...

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Jun 2014

Kitchen – Before & After

Cooking in this Come To Order client’s kitchen was quite the work-out! Pots and pans were across from the oven, some small appliances were hidden in the pantry, and spices were stored so high up they went missing! Now, after a 6 hour session with Charles Williams and Ashley Stefanko, this kitchen fits the client’s every need, with like things together, everything visible and accessible,...

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Mar 2013

A Come To Order Closet Makeover

Closets are notorious for being “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” storage spaces, but if you really want it off your mind, then why are you even keeping it? In a recent closet makeover by Come To Order, we met this challenge head on. Here’s what we did to reorganize and reinvent our client’s closet space: Sorted all the clothes. This is a must for any closet reorganizing project....

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Sep 2012

Playroom Before and After

Organizing a child’s playroom can be challenging, especially if you have a lot of toys, games, and stuffed animals taking up space. The key is to find a home for everything and help children understand where items belong. Here are some examples from a playroom we organized for a client: Without shelves or cubbies, it’s easy for toys and other stuff to end up in a...

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Oct 2010

Before and After – Our Latest Garage Makeover

Here is another wonderful transformation by Come To Order. This two car garage could barley fit one car what with all of the camping gear, tools, and miscellaneous “garage things”. The home owners asked Come To Order to organize the garage in such a way that they could not only fit two cars, but so that it could also house the riding lawn mower which...

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