Meal Planning, Family Calendars & Chore Charts Tailor Made Easy!

In planning for my next “Honey, What’s for Dinner?” class, I decided to look around at new products to make meal planning easy and I hit the jackpot!  I came across Tailor Made Whiteboards.  Made in the USA, their products are custom and made to last. They offer boards for meal planning, chore charts and family calendars. I, of course, chose the meal planner.

Check it out… I chose the background image (my signature lime green) and they even customized it with my logo. You might choose to use a family photo! Made from a unique clear material that dry erase marker ink cannot penetrate, the surface will never stain or discolor. It will even stand up to permanent marker if you happen to grab the wrong pen. With over 58 designs for menu planners, 28 designs for calendars and 56 designs for chore charts you will be sure to find something to meet your décor. You can even upload a picture to make it unique to your family!


Now I have to admit, I have never been a dry erase kind of gal, but these white boards changed my mind. Here’s what I love:

  • Awesome design that fits my décor
  • Easy write-on and wipe-off surface
  • Mounting template so you cannot make a mistake hanging it
  • Mounting brackets placed such that the white board does not move once mounted – perfect since I had to mount mine on my pantry door since I have virtually no wall space in my kitchen
  • Tray to hold pens & an eraser
  • Made in the USA – gotta love that!

Here’s how I use mine:


I chose to use the section for “provisions” (i.e., my grocery list) to map out all of the activities that we have as a family. Everyone got their own color marker. But I decided if I used the provisions area for keeping a list I could simply take a picture of the list rather than having to rewrite it.

Planning my meals is so easy now. And because I like to recycle my weekly menus, I have taken to snapping a picture before I erase it. I save it on my computer and can look back when doing future meal planning.

Now the folks at Tailor Made Whiteboards are giving me the opportunity to share by allowing me the opportunity to share a gift certificate with one lucky person. Could that be you???


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