Ten Tips for Organizing a Sane and Productive Day (Part 2)

As you re-dedicate yourself to your organizing resolution starting this month and to help you I am focusing on organizing your schedule, here are the last six tips to organizing your schedule…

5.   Pick three daily wins.Highlighter

As you jot down all the things you need to get done each day and how long you think they will take, use a highlighter pen and select the three things you need to accomplish in the next 12 hours and schedule those first. Base your wins on what will make you feel like the day was a success. Not every day or every ‘win’ has to be epic, but once you decide on what you consider to be your priorities, your day will be happier because you got what you wanted from your time.

6.   Do the hardest tasks first.

If there are some tasks for the day that seem more arduous than others, then get them out of the way as early as you can and save the easy things for last. As the day drags on you will feel less motivated to tackle that time or energy consuming thing that has to get done. Like a Band-Aid… it is better if you pull it off quickly and don’t waste time thinking about how best to pull it off. As much fun as it is to eat dessert first, the meal is always more rewarding when you save the best for last.

 7.   Buffer your calendar.

As you are planning your day be sure to add 20% more wiggle room to your appointments and To-Do items. These buffers will help you to move through your day in comfort, without stress or anxiety. And when you finish something with time to spare, that is time that you can use however you want!!!

 8.   The 15 minute refocus10 WAYS TO STAY SANE - 15 minutes

This is your time management meditation break. Take time mid-day to refocus. Sit quietly and revisit your calendar and To-Do list. What have you lined up for the rest of the day and the week? If you have not already done so, cross off your completed tasks and note how good this feels. Revisit what’s important so you don’t get derailed or overwhelmed. This break helps you establish a rhythm to setting productive, realistic goals.

 9.   Create a daily routine.

If you find that you tend to do the same thing every day, week or month, then create a routine around it. If your routine becomes a habit then you will find that you just do it without thinking. For example, paying your bills every Friday afternoon, giving the dog his heartworm medicine on the first day of every month, or changing the furnace filters on the first day of every quarter. When tasks and activities become routine, we stop thinking about whether or not they should get done. Over time, the task becomes a habit that you won’t even bother putting on your list.

10.   Be gentle with yourself.

It’s better to get things done, than to get things done perfectly – progress, not perfection! Cut yourself some slack, be forgiving. If tasks don’t get done as planned, don’t worry about it. Being too ambitious can high-jack your daily plan and waste valuable energy. Go easy on yourself and remember you are in charge of your day.

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