Travelers Will Love the AViiQ Portable Charging Station

Plug, Charge, Go. The AViiQ Portable Charging Station with Sync Cable (Grey Nylon) is designed to organize cables and provide power to charge your multiple mobile devices when you’re on the go.

Clear the clutter! With the four pockets that are specially shared to fit up to four USB cables, your cords won’t get tangled or lost. Managing your chargers is simple, easy, and convenient!

The AViiQ Portable USB Charging Station can charge four USB devices simultaneously, including an iPad. It uses only one outlet port,  giving you the  ability to charge 3+1 devices. This sturdy nylon bag was specially designed to keep all your charging needs in one simple place, whether you are at home, the office or traveling. You’ll save time and money since you won’t need to buy extra cable for different locations. Make this your all-in-one charging station no matter where you are.

It also features a retractable USB cable so you don’t have to unplug from the wall to charge your device with the computer.


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