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Oct 2012

You Can Do It! Raising Confident Children

Kids face challenges every day, and as parents, we want them to have the confidence to handle them on their own. It’s easy to jump in and try to help with everything so that things get done “right” the first time. But teaching a positive self-concept isn’t something that we can do for them, on their behalf. It’s something we can only cultivate in our...

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Sep 2012

Effective Responses to Kids That Replace “No”

It’s easy to tell our kids “no” when they are about to do something they shouldn’t. However, by defaulting to this short but inherently demanding answer, we often miss opportunities to teach our kids better ways to behave or respond to a situation. The Love and Logic® approach reminds us that there are other responses that might be more effective. Try one of these approaches...

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Dec 2011

CTO Recommends Swoop Bags

Simple, sturdy, and so convenient, if you have kids, you’ll both love SwoopBags! These bags open wide and basically create a 44″ diameter floor mat for playing. When playtime is over, simply place all of the toys on the mat, gather up the cord and pull it tight, and all of the toys are contained in a bag, which you can hang for storage. Perfect...

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