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Guideline to Fresh Food:  Giving the Cold Shoulder to Bad Storage


Apr 2015

Guideline to Fresh Food: Giving the Cold Shoulder to Bad Storage

Do your refrigerator and freezer get cluttered and full of packages, sometimes with unrecognizable contents?  We have a simple solution:  make it a habit to clean out your fridge and freezer on a regular basis.  Mark it on your calendar now – maybe when the seasons change!  And, as you put leftovers and packages away, make a note of how long they will be healthy....

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Sep 2012

More Healthy Snack Ideas!

More great healthy snack ideas for kids! Sprinkle Parmesan cheese on freshly popped popcorn. Fill a waffle cone with fruit and top with low-fat vanilla yogurt. Add whole grain cheese crackers to a cup of hot tomato or vegetable soup. Dip baby carrots, celery, cucumber slices, broccoli, cauliflower, or cherry tomatoes in low-fat ranch dressing. Dip baked tortilla chips in salsa or bean dip. Toast...

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Aug 2012

The Body’s Building Block: Protein

What’s the big deal about protein? Did you know, protein keeps your body running smoothly, and it’s essential for building muscles, bones, cells, and tissues throughout the body? It’s often called the building block of the body, and it’s an important part of a healthy diet. Most people associate meat with protein, but there are several other sources that might be better for you. While...

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Sep 2011

CTO Recommends Emeals

You always appreciate a little help in the kitchen. Here is a great resource to help make meal time planning easier! You can be “meal-wise and money-wise” with Emeals! This meal planning service helps you manage your food budget and enjoy delicious dinner recipes at home. Each menu plan is based on weekly grocery store sales, seasonal discounts or diet preferences. You choose the store....

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