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Feb 2013

Communication…The Key To Realizing Your Vision

Communication…the shortest distance between two people is understanding each other. Last month we challenged you to create a vision for your space. But that vision will only become a reality when you begin to share it with others. One of the biggest and most common stumbling blocks I have seen as a professional organizer is that not everyone in the household is on the same...

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Feb 2012

CTO Organizing Resource: Getting Organized Magazine

Getting Organized Magazine is a new magazine that just launched in January, and we think it is a fantastic resource for all of our clients and friends! You’ll find many articles with lots of helpful advice, including “Where to Start: Step by Step Organizing Tips” to help you jumpstart the organizing process and “Eliminating the Avalanche” to help you learn strategies for clearing countertops and...

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Feb 2011

What Kind of Bill Payer are You?

There are two types of bill payers: those who pay the bills the day they arrive (individual payers) and those who pay a group of bills when they get paid (batch payers). It doesn’t really matter which one you are; what matters is that you pay the bills on time and that you have money in the bank when they clear. If you are a...

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