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May 2012

Scan and Archive Family Photos

Family photos are a real treasure, but unfortunately, they are vulnerable to storage conditions and handling. Those precious nuggets that engender wonderful memories can fade, tear, become soiled, or even crumble away. Luckily, with today’s digital photos, you can preserve your photos easily on your computer or some other digital storage device. But what do you do with the delicate black and white or sepia...

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Aug 2011

CTO Recommends Dynamic Artwork Frames™

Decorate your home with the beautiful masterpieces created by your young artist. Dynamic Artwork Frames™ display your children’s artwork so you can easily change it any time you want! This awesome product even has a built-in storage space for up to 50 pieces of artwork. What a delightful way to add personality to your home or office, and showcase the budding talent of your favorite...

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