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The Clash of Conflicts


Dec 2014

The Clash of Conflicts

As your children grow and learn from life’s conflicts, as parents, we have the best opportunity to share and show them the powerful skills needed to handle disagreements and conflicts and turn them into win-win situations.  Because all relationships experience conflict, learning how to maintain friendships despite friction will make life much more enjoyable.  Lacking these skills, will make for a life filled with broken...

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Sep 2011

Homework…To Help or Not to Help

With school back in session, it won’t be long before you’ll hear, “Mom, I need help with my homework.” For many parents, this statement may initiate a sigh, an eye-roll, or even a feeling of dread! After all, it’s been a few years since we’ve been in school, studying English, algebra, and social studies! When it comes to homework help, parents really have only two...

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Apr 2011

Are You Worn Out and Stressed?

Does every day feel like a Monday with everyone in the family making demands on your time? “Mom, where is my homework? Honey, can you pick up my dry cleaning? Mom, I can’t find my Lego Hero Factory toy!” It is easy to allow yourself to get so caught up in everyone else’s issues and hover like a helicopter ready to land and triage every...

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