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Kissing Summer Good-Buy


Aug 2015

Kissing Summer Good-Buy

Have you seen it yet?  …the dreaded back-to-school list.  The list of supplies can seem endless and expensive. So, to get you off on the right foot to a new school year, let’s look at some good strategies for a productive, organized smart back-to-school shopping trip! Getting schooled in organization… The most important suggestion for getting organized and stocked up on basics for your child’s...

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May 2012

Summertime Brings Freedom, But Lacks Routine

School is almost out for the summer and with it comes freedom…and lack of routine. This is one of the biggest organizing dilemmas that parents face over the summer, and this is why your kids are complaining by August, “I’m bored”. Whether they are willing to admit it or not, kids like structure. They like knowing what comes next and what to expect and unfortunately,...

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Jun 2011

Summer… a great time for fun and structure!

I was recently asked by a client what type of organizing class her child should take over the summer to be prepared for school. To her surprise I told her “none”. If your jaw is on the floor as well, I will give you a minute to pick it up while I explain my rationale… I love the idea of teaching organization to kids; so...

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