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Apr 2013

Neat-Oh! ZipBin Storage Organizers

If you have kids, you will appreciate these awesome toy storage organizers! Neat-Oh! brings us toy totes that are toys themselves. They are bright, colorful, durable, and created with a heavy-duty zipper, so they can take a little abuse. We love these because they provide hours of fun but also make clean-up easy and keep all those small toys corralled. They are also ideal for...

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Dec 2012

Coral Your Stuffed Animals with the Boon Animal Bag

The furry things in your house now have a place to live! The Boon Animal Bag Stuffed Animal Storage Bag makes it easy to pick up and quickly toss plush the bag, keeping them safe stored. The Animal Bag also doubles as a snuggly seat. All those plush bears and bunnies will be totally accessible, and much more manageable!


Dec 2011

CTO Recommends Swoop Bags

Simple, sturdy, and so convenient, if you have kids, you’ll both love SwoopBags! These bags open wide and basically create a 44″ diameter floor mat for playing. When playtime is over, simply place all of the toys on the mat, gather up the cord and pull it tight, and all of the toys are contained in a bag, which you can hang for storage. Perfect...

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Dec 2011

CTO Recommends Little Zoo Keepers

Just in time to corral all of your child’s stuffed animals before the toys arrive from Santa! You can either slide animals in and out through the flexible bars or just toss them over the top, like a game of basketball. Your kids just might have fun putting away their toys now! The Little Zookeeper will store about 90 medium-sized stuffed toys, and it’s easy...

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