Making a Little Me Time

blog-me-timeAfter a busy Holiday season who couldn’t use a little “me” time? Many people fall into a pattern of taking care of their family, kids, careers, relationships, events, kid’s activities, and more that they may realize an important part is missing… a break.

“There’s a tremendous amount of stress and pressure put on women: being parents, being daughters, mothers, wives, professionals. All of these roles combined leave many of us not taking adequate care of ourselves — which is what sustains us and gives us the energy to take care of all these other responsibilities that we have,” says Randy Kamen Gredinger, EdD, a Wayland, Mass., psychologist and life coach specializing in women’s issues.

With everything that is being juggled in life, for the good of your mental and physical health and those around you, make a commitment to schedule one day a month for just YOU. Your me time may involve a day at the spa, getting your nails done, meet a friend for dinner, shopping (not for groceries!). Short on cash? Read a book, mediate, garden (only if it’s an enjoyable hobby), sew, scrapbook… there are a ton of possibilities.

If taking a whole day off isn’t plausible every month, make it a priority to take 30 minutes off once a week. Go somewhere calm, peaceful and quiet and have some well-deserved “me” time. Make yourself your #1 priority and reconnect with who you are. Having a more rested and clear mind will allow you align your priorities, principles, and values to set the stage for a happier, relaxed and more organized you.

This may be a hard concept for some to accept, as it may seem selfish, however a little rest and relaxation goes a long way. After you’re recharged you will become more alert, patient, organized, and a better person, and therefore, a better parent.  So get out there, and don’t do anything! =)

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  1. Having a hard time carving out that “me” time, maybe you’re doing too much! Check this out for tips on what to do when you are over committed.

  2. Stephanie Vega Says: January 20, 2014 at 5:41 pm

    After the holiday season I had, I need a whole month off! 🙂 Seriously, it was so exhausting I still have Christmas decorations littered here and there around my house. Sigh! I definitely need a refresher course in motivation and organization!

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