CTO Recommends the Auto Trash Bag by Mod Mobile

Who says organization can’t be functional and stylish? The Auto Trash (Black Rings) by The Mod Mobile is a great, compact litter bag/garbage can for your car. It fits about anywhere you need it, plus, it comes in a variety of fabric colors to match and blend in to your car’s interior.

This bag is designed for all that small trash that tends to clutter up your cup holders and such. The strap measures approximately 25″ long and can be attached in one of two ways: on the side for hanging from a stick shift or in the center for hanging across a headrest. The strap attaches with a heavy-duty snap. Once snapped in place, simply wrap the other end of the strap around the shift/headrest, thread through the buckle and tighten as needed. Tuck the excess strap in between the inner liner and the outer fabric case. You can remove the bag without unthreading the strap, simply unsnap the bag and the strap will remain installed.

The inner liner is made of black post-consumer recycled plastic and is specially designed to stay open for ease of use while driving. Measures 8″ wide and 12″ tall.

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