Keep Focused with the Codeplex App

Keep Focused with the Codeplex App

The more time you spend getting and keeping organized today, the more time you will save later! Keeping focused is a vital part of getting organized.

This featured app is a tool you can use at your computer to stay organized and on track, it is the Keep Focused App by Codeplex.

One tool you can use at your computer is the Keep Focused App.  It is an enhanced tool for Pomodoro Technique of Time Management. It has features like session management which keep track of what you are doing in each of the 25 minute session and at the end of the day view your session data file and review the tasks you worked on!  Here are some of it’s features!

  • Uses Pomodoro Technique for Time Management and Personal Productivity
  • Sits silently in a small window on your desktop all the time.
  • Draggable window. You can drag it at any position you like.
  • Record what you are doing in each 25 minute session. Save the information in a text file.
  • Allows you to review your day’s activity.
  • Portable application: No installation or enhanced user access is required.

Kathy Jenkins is a nationally recognized certified organizer, speaker and writer.  She is the founder of Come To Order and is dedicated to helping her clients simplify their lives by reducing clutter, organizing their homes and offices, and managing their time. For more tips on organizing your schedule, life and home, follow Kathy on Twitter.

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