Gifts of Substance that Don’t Create Clutter

There must be more to life than having everything!  ~Maurice Sendak

So you have decided to “go simple” this season and give gifts that matter but don’t take up space. Here’s a list of ideas to get you thinking.

Gift certificates:
spa services – massage, manicure, pedicure
house cleaning services
lawn services
registration fee for a class or lessons – cooking, art, music, Pilates, Yoga, tennis, etc
fun activities – bowling, putt-putt golf, etc
water sports – boat ride, white water rafting, tubing, canoeing
balloon ride
round of golf
car detailing
baby sitting

sporting event – Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, etc…
concert – favorite band or symphony
theatre – play, ballet
event – Disney on Ice, etc.
comedy club
amusement parks

Gift card:
books or music
restaurant or cafe
local green house

athletic club

favorite fancy coffee or tea
good smelling bath products
decadent sweets or candy
flowers or an easy to care for house plant
baked goods
favorite wine or spirits

Memory Makers:
favorite recipe and the ingredients to make it
book of handmade coupons for things such as a hug, back rub, walk in the park, breakfast in bed, etc.
donation to a charity in honor of the recipient
your time!!!

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