Just In Case… Keeping Important Documents Handy and Safe

Life-In-CaseKeep essential documents at your fingertips, no matter what life brings with the LifeInCase system!  Originally created for estate planners and attorneys to assist their clients at their time of need, LifeinCase strives to cut through the clutter that years of poor document storage can create and provide an easy to use portable document storage system.

The LifeInCase is a system is designed to either grab-and-go or to store in your fireproof safe or refrigerator freezer for safekeeping. Personal document storage has never been this easy!  LifeInCase is an easy-to-use five-part folder system keeping personal, medical, property, estate and financial categories safely documented and safe and can hold up to 500-pages of vital and important information.  And!  There is no computer needed, no CDs and no scanning of documents to enter or update… just easy document storage!  Just in case…. keeping important documents handy and safe – plain and simple!

While shoe boxes, manila folders and multiple envelopes jammed full tend to be our first resort for document storage, it is necessary to have an organized documentation system already in order and LifeInCase is a perfect solution!

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