Organize Christmas Ornaments with Household Essentials Storage Boxes

Safely store Christmas ornaments with the Household Essentials’ Holiday Ornament Storage Chest. This 100% polyester canvas storage chest spacious enough to hold 36 holiday ornaments. It features a clear see-through window to so you can see exactly what’s inside without opening the box. Cardboard dividers are provided to protect the ornaments. Two handles on the side are attached by rivets and can support weight up to 25 pounds.

Each layer has handles so you can easily remove them, and the cardboard inserts adjust to fit the size of your ornaments. Not only will you have your
delicate ornaments stored in a much more organized fashion, but you’ll know that they will kept safe and clean.

Dimensions: 10″ high x 13.5″ wide x 27″ deep.

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