Behind Closed Drawers:  5 Steps to Getting Them Organized

Behind Closed Drawers: 5 Steps to Getting Them Organized

I’m sure you have heard the expression, “behind closed doors”.  But, what about “behind closed drawers”?  There are probably many similarities… you can’t see what you’ve stuffed in there and what happens inside those drawers typically doesn’t come out!  So, how do you organize dresser drawers so they function efficiently?

Begin by creating labels for the sort piles that you are going to create.  Just print out our pile tags or write these “categories” on Post-It notes or scrape pieces of paper:  undergarments, sleepwear, t-shirts, jeans and shorts, casual shirts, sweaters and active wear. If you have other categories of items in your dresser go ahead and make a sort pile label for them. Don’t forget to create two spots for “give away” and “throw away”.    Are you ready to go dresser diving?  Here we go…

1. Open the drawers & empty out each drawer. Sort out everything from your dresser into labelled category piles.

2. Now, go through each category one at a time. Identify the “keepers” (the pieces you actually wear). Put things you don’t want into the “give away” or “throw away” piles.

3. Look at your piles and determine what categories would fit best in which of your dresser drawers. You may need to put a couple categories in one drawer, that’s OK, just pair things like socks and undergarments or shorts and casual shirts. Use a wooden drawer divider to keep them separate.

4. After you determine which drawers would work best for your new categories, measure the width and depth so you can fold accordingly. Here is a great tutorial on fitting your t-shirts, underwear and bathing suits into dresser drawers.

5. Put everything into its new place and do the happy dance.

And, if you think about it, we’d love for you to take a before and after picture and share it with us on Facebook!

photo credit: currystrumpet via photopin cc
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