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Love’n the Orbz!


Apr 2015

Love’n the Orbz!

Perfect timing for Spring cleaning and a fresh retreat bathroom.  You will love the InterDesign Orbz Divided Bath & Shower Tote.  Whether you keep it stationary or share a bathroom and need to move toiletries from one space to another, it will help keep your room clutter-free and you organized. What is the InterDesign Orbz Divided Bath & Shower Tote? Fun, bright pink color (white is...

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Fall into Organization:   A Come To Order Contest


Sep 2014

Fall into Organization: A Come To Order Contest

Seasons are changing… what a better time to look at all the projects and problems you have been avoiding in your house.  Let’s say, “It is the perfect time to ‘fall into organization’ and Come To Order is here to help!”  So, enter the “Fall into Organization” contest!  It is simple. Here are the steps: 1. JOIN US on Facebook, Twitter or on the comment box below....

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Mar 2012

Highly Useful Guidelines For High Tech Kids

There’s no doubt technology is an integral part of life, and that’s not all bad. After all, computers can be a gateway to educational opportunities and cell phones are a great way to stay in touch with your busy teen.  But you know as well as I do that kids often get wrapped up in Internet surfing, texting, social networking, and gaming. Even adults can...

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